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Candle in Hands

Lighting a fire is a start; keeping it burning is where the fun begins! Use congruence coaching to keep your momentum going.

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Congruence Coaching

Coaching with me is all about creating congruence between your heart and mind. Finding congruence is learning to live and work from your core values, while discovering patterns behind inactivity, procrastination, limiting beliefs & behaviours. Get the results you want and need through congruence coaching via zoom (face-to-face by request). 

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Client Reviews

...with Ruth's help I was able to put together timed goals and a plan to finalise my business...She has the ability to ask the right questions, drill down when necessary and help untangible thoughts. She had the ability to carry on listening to the thread of what I was saying and to come back to a (seemingly) throwaway comment I may have get me to was like opening and unlocking doors and drawers in my mind and sifting and sorting through all the jumble.


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