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Who is Ruth Akinwale?

I am married with four children. I have had the privilege to author books and get to speak at events. Having been
trained in counselling therapy, I trained and qualified as a coach with Animas and discovered life
without borders! I believe in YOU – YOU finding YOU and being free to be YOU.

I struggled for a long time to discover what being authentic looked like, I played to the script of life written out by values driven into me. I worked hard, and earned well but lacked the sense of me being integrally WHOLE. I am still on my journey, but I have come a LONG way.

I found myself in the rut of doing life, as opposed to LIVING it let alone even loving it. I discovered the power of questions – intuitive and challenging questions that brought to light much of what was hidden – I grew and became more motivated to bring a change – discovering that I had the power to bring my own change.

BA Hons, LLM, MSC Psych, Animas Accredited Life Coach

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About Ruth: About
About Ruth: About

My approach

I won’t just help you reach your goals but will teach you to motivate yourself and learn to self-coach. My approach equips you with necessary tools to develop authenticity at your workplace, family life and pursuit. In listening to each of my clients, I use drama therapy, NLP and visualization to challenge you to make the change you require.

Your Coaching Space

Have you ever dreamed of having more, being more? Do you search for a perfect work/life balance? Do you work yet find little or no satisfaction in what you do? Or do you just want to figure out how to start up your business - build your plan - have someone walk alongside you to increase your accountability?
Do you want to develop new sustainable habits - and just love yourself more... All the answers are in YOU- COMPLETELY. I just facilitate, stand alongside you, challenge you to be COMPLETELYYOU & get your goal. Go get it - get in touch now!

About Ruth: About Me
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