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Do you really need coaching?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

There is such a varying understanding of what coaching is and that is exciting in itself- Its clearly catching the interest of most out there. It certainly caught my attention.

My style of coaching really focuses on You - but not on you as though you have a problem but on you as though You are Your own solution. Life coaching is to your soul what a sports coach is to your sport - we all have different versions of ourselves - and life, our upbringing, career choices can act as clutter, voices, that mask our own internal wavelengths. We were each born unique, similar in many ways but unique and deep down we long to be ourselves, and to be the best version of whatever this is. When I coach you, you have the space to de-clutter the 'other' voices, to sift through your decisions - to create your own plan and to discover your own unique potential. Pushing through barriers is a choice we make, and I, as your coach, will stand alongside you as you push through to be Your best You - completely.

I believe we all need coaching, just as the sports person needs a coach - in life we need our coaches. Every coach needs a coach - and the wheel goes round. Why? Because the best are only the best - when challenged by another yet still stand in their stride and create a solution for themselves. Be the best YOU - completely. I look forward to hearing from you!

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