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Depressed or Sorely Disappointed

There are times when we feel quite low and we need to navigate our way out of that place. I realize that we all come from different cultures which interpret the sense of 'feeling low' differently - for some being low is something that is not spoken of, and not acknowledged, whereas for others they are quickly labelled as depressed when perhaps all they need is just to work through a rather low patch of ground they may well have fallen into.

For me, I find that the fine difference is when we hit a point where we are involuntarily low without the ability to see a way out - we could be hitting the slippery slope toward depression, yet it may not mean you are depressed - you could just have hit a low point and need to work your way out of that. Use these pointers;

Can I see a way out?

Am I ready to talk to someone to help me to see a way out?

Do I want to see a way out?

If yes to most of these - get in touch for your coaching space.

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