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It's all in the Acknowledgment - Grow in Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

In the legal world- so much is deemed to have started once one party is deemed to have acknowledged receipt. The power is all in the acknowledgement - OK, may be that is an exaggeration - but there really is something so instrumental in that baby step of knowing - acknowledging.

I have heard people ask what the use is in pointing out things if there is no imminent and apparent solution - I hear that, and it makes sense. I want to challenge us today though - sometimes the solution is in the discovery of the problem or issue. If I discover that the reason I am not feeling fulfilled in my relationship is because I have a deep seated longing for significance and I am not feeling significant in my relationships, then acknowledging my need (although it seems small), is what can liberate me.

Once you acknowledge something, it is no longer hidden from you - you grow in a deeper state of self awareness and can begin analyse things differently - and perhaps discover ways to meet your needs directly. In your acknowledgment, you become free - and no longer victim, so to speak, to an unseen & an unknown trigger. You can change the rules!

Get a coaching space, get in touch - I look forward to hearing from you.

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