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I am stuck - Help! Top tips for self-coaching

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Have a business plan but just can't seem to move forward with it. Have a deadline - but somehow you find yourself delaying on this?...or you're wanting to create a better work/life balance and just find a sense of purpose in what you're doing?

Like the hamster on the wheel - we get ourselves into ruts, and keep going round and round and round and... you get the point! Here are a few tips/pointers to help you get that wheel to stop moving.

First step really is so basic - you might throw sticks at me for saying this - but stick with this, trust me.

1) Write down what you are trying to achieve (I know you know what it is, but you will find writing it makes it look different - it might change slightly or it might even appear smaller than it's felt)

2) Ask yourself why it is important for you to achieve this & how important it is on a scale of 0-10. If this is really low, ask yourself why that it and what would drive it up. If it is not important - that could be why its not getting done. At this point - you need to ask yourself who it is important to, and the consequences of it getting done or not done - and how important those consequences and/or benefits are to you.

3) Write down what you think has been stopping you from getting this done (lots of things might come up here- if so, write them in order of importance or intensity)

4) Here's the challenge - those things in step 3 are competing with step 2 - what would it cost to move those things in step 3 down the ladder of importance?

I would love to know what's come up for you - and how you might consider moving forward - get in touch!

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